WALKO Workbench systems are a product of BSP Holding B.V. The Netherlands.


The unique WALKO-Tools company is for sale: for info mail to bart@walko-tools.com



We dispose of the most beautiful tools and materials, but what do we actually work on?


Medio 2001. The WALKO principle grew out of frustration during a big job. No more messing around with rickety workbenches, wobbling trestles, a few beams and a beer crate. No, one tool gives complete support for the real work.


In 2003 it delivered the creator  the innovation price. In 2005 the first WALKO Workbenches were introduced on the Dutch market. Now WALKO Workbench systems are conquering half and soon the entire world... (Want to know more? Contact us)



WALKO-Tools B.V. was the developer, producer and owner of the WALKO Workbench systems. You can contact us daily by phone between 09.00 and 18.00h with your questions or remarks. You can always reach us by email.


Find more information on our website WWW.WALKO.NL, such as detailed explanation, news, agenda, dealer addresses and press information.


WALKO, now that's a workbench!