WALKO-Quick clamp set (2 pieces)


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Quick and easy clamping of workpieces.

A unique and clever clampingsystem to be used on the worktops.

The clamp and the stopper fit into the holes of the worktops. This quick clamp set is useful for instance when the head side of a lath needs to be milled or grazed.

Meant for horizontal forces  (Suitable for 20 millimeter holes).



WALKO-Work struts (4 pieces)


Temporary not available

Work pieces within better reach.
When the worktables extend too far it is possible to use the work strut. This support is then hooked into the frame at the desired height and materials can either be placed on it or hung on it.

In short:
An ideal accessory for instance for shortening beams, rafters and/or pipes, To use the WALKO as a diagonal saw-wall, To use for putting materials on working height against a wall, To use for storing materials and tools.
Length : 12  - 110 mm . (0,47 inch - 4,33 inch)

WALKO Bench Dogs 20 mm (4 pcs)


Temporary not available

Solid aluminum bench dog / bench pup 20 mm (19,85 mm)

Suitable for the holes in the table tops. 

Diameter 20 (19,85 mm), Diameter head 24 mm, height head 10 mm, total height 32 mm.

Packed per 4 pcs.

Made of massive anodised aluminium.

Search words: bench dog 20 mm, bench pup, workbench dog, round bench dog.

WALKO-Wall bracket set

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Neatly stored away.

The wall brackets make it possible to put a frame up straight against a wall. By arranging the worktables in a right angle these can also be used. When the frame is taken out from below, it will always be in the correct angle.

Ideal to use in the work-yard or shed. The frame can be simply detached by lifting it.

WALKO-Casters (4 pieces)

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Extra mobility.
The castor set is one of the options and fits on every frame. Ideal for the craftsman 'on the move'

WALKO-Table Support (1xL 1xR)


Temporary not available

Create extra functionality

These supports are normally used below the construction tables. Making a table to size is of course also possible. For instance to use the top to put a machine on top or hang below.

General usage: 
The supports are placed into the frame at the desired height (adjustable per 65 mm (2,56 inch)).
They can be locked into the frame and it is possible to adjust them at a specific angle.  This is used for instance to create a squared angle with the frame for constructions such as blocks, beams and pipes. This adjustment is also used to put the work tables up straight when the frame needs to be used in a vertical position.

Click here for table top dimensions. (PDF)

Spacers (Replacement set)

Carefree and quick sawing of sheet material.

The spacers take care of a good support while sawing sheet materials. They are hammer proof, splinter free and unbreakable. Also at frost temperature. While sawing, you have no sense that you are sawing through the spacers, so there is no braking effect.

As it is only human to make mistakes the spacers protrude 29 mm (1,14 inch) in height, a saw which is set too deep will therefore not lead to any problems quickly.
After approximately four years of intensive use the spacers can be replaced by new ones.


Complete set of spacers cut to measure. 

WALKO-3 Table Tops 75 (2 pieces)

Versatile and well-thought out.

The construction tops are made out of water resistant hardwood. (max 24 hr) Mounted onto the table supports there is space available all around to place clamps. Because there are no metal parts protruding, there is no risk at all when working with circular saws or jigsaws. The blades are processed in extra thickness (22 mm) so they cannot be sawn through by accident.

The holes in the tabletops can be used to put clamps in, bench dogs or WALKO-quick clamps. In the most simple manner an enormous variety of work pieces can be fixed to the construction tops.

Made from rubberwood (FSC)

WALKO-4 Table Tops 107 (2 Pieces)

Same description as WALKO-3 Table tops.



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