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Experience the sensation of a real workbench system.

This system makes life great.


The frame is as steady as a rock and gives support for the most various applications.


Handling big sheet material, carrying out fine constructive operations or  installing machines, the WALKO-4 Professional does it all. Don't forget that you determine the ideal work height.

Used straight up is perfect for small spaces and for bigger work pieces. Lying down it could function as a big or small sawing platform.


This set consists of:

1x WALKO-4 Frame (19 kg)

2x Rubberwood construction table 1070 (12 kg)

2x2 Table support

1x Spacer set (assembled)


Click here for technical specifications. (PDF)



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Get started immediately with the compact professional.

The WALKO-3 is almost identical to the WALKO-4 only a bit smaller.


Smooth and fast sawing of sheets, shortening beams and pipes, milling, drilling, sanding, and planning,...You name it, the WALKO-3 offers all the support you expect from a workbench.


This set consists of:

1x WALKO-3 Frame (15 kg)

2x Rubberwood construction table 750 (7 kg)

2x2 Table supports (3 kg)

1x Spacer set (assembled)


Click here for technical specifications. (PDF)







This is the ultimate workspace solution for the demanding (semi) professional.

Preferably place the frames before a tool board.


Slant one or both frames to handle big plates or long materials.


Use one frame to work on and the other one to put your machines on.


Adapt the work height left and/or right for increase comfort whilst working.


The frame can easily be lifted from the wall braces to take along or you may use it as a a "normal" workbench in the trestle position.


Think about it...

Your fantasy is the only limit.


The complete set contains:

2x WALKO-4 Professional frames

2x Complete Bamboo construction tables

2x Work supports = 8 pieces

2x Wall brace set

2x Quick spanner set = 4 pieces

1x Set of wheels (to take the WALKO with you)

1x Set of table supports to make your own table top for your machine(s)