Clever clamping

20 mm perforations in the work surfaces for WALKO quick clamps and one-handed clamps.

Solid as a rock

Large work surface.

Endless clamping and securing possibilities.

The work surfaces can be adjusted in height and angle and can be locked.

Handy work surfaces

Clamping on all sides of the work surfaces.

The one-handed clamps have a removable head and can also be inserted through the holes.

Variable working height

Choose the working height to suit the operation.

For example, low for drilling and high for routing or sanding.

Adjustable every 65 mm.

For constructions

Work surfaces adjustable in height and angle.

For example for larger workpieces or for assembling constructions.

Everything to hand

Work on the work surfaces, store material in the frame underneath on the supports

Can also be used as a stable support for a power saw for example.

Large and small work

Free space on top for smaller sawing work.

For larger sheets. See Trestle, Wall and Flat.

Useful combination

Both work surfaces on the same side: work on the long edges.

Choose the table height depending on the size of the workpiece.

Problem-free work

No metal parts around the work surfaces. So no blunted saw blades.

The work surfaces can withstand a heavy rain shower

Total support

Stable even when working on long objects.

Now that’s a workbench!

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