Work on doors

Doors and/or panels can be firmly attached to the frame with a one-handed clamp.

Normal doors on this side of the frame, narrow doors on the other side.

Wobbles a whole lot less than any other solution.

Problem-free sawing

Perfect support regardless of the direction of the cut.

No risk of breaking off at the end of the cut.

Use a one-handed clamp if required to secure the sheet.

For sheets up to approx. 150 x 150 cm (WALKO-4) For bigger see “Flat”


Perfect support

The entire frame features synthetic strips.

These "spacers" are struck during the sawing.

29 mm free space between the saw blade and the aluminum frame.




Replaceable spacers

The spacers are sacrificial and can be replaced.

Good for three years intensive, professional use on average.

Impact-resistant, unbreakable and non-splintering. Even with frost.

Quick for manual work

Trim things quickly by hand without struggling.

The frame doesn’t “wander away” - a foot on it or climbing up on it is absolutely unnecessary.

Securing is not needed, but is possible.

No clamping

Stable positioning of workpieces regardless of shape.

Quick and simple to set up.

It’s that simple

Work on gypsum blocks for example.

Secure the materials to the frame with a one-handed clamp if required.

Regardless of shape

Pipes too, or other materials can be shortened quickly, stably and simply.

Securing is not necessary.

For constructions

Assemble constructions straightforwardly.

For larger constructions, put the opened-out frame against the wall.

Extra side stopper for more stability (Walko-4 and Supreme)

Work on panels

Not only the work surfaces, but the entire frame can be used to secure workpieces.

Handy for drilling work for example.

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