Large work surface

Unique to WALKO.

Don’t let your workbench restrict you any longer.
Where and how would you like your workpiece? Just choose!

Large work surface for effective use.

Everything to hand

Good for batchwork too.

A table to work on and a table for tools.

Store materials temporarily at the top or bottom of the frame.

This setup can be achieved in under a minute.

Large workpieces

Don’t stoop, but stand.

Choose the best place for your workpiece and put the work struts there.

Opt for the work support/strut if the workbench is in the way. For example for sanding or painting work.

Choose working height

Don’t struggle any longer. Choose the height you want to work at and put a working surface there.

Adjusting a work surface takes no longer than five seconds.

Clever saw wall

In this way, large sheets are simple to saw, not only in narrow or small spaces.

Horizontally, vertically and diagonally are no problem at all. (See also the demo film)

Even larger sheets? Put two WALKO frames next to each other.

Work at the right height

For fine work like manual routing a proper working height is essential.

For working both standing and sitting the WALKO provides the solution.


Not only useful for small constructions.

Large chests or cabinets are also simple to erect or work on.

Constructions are also accessible from the back for fitting work.


Don’t work bent forward but upright.

No damage to your workpiece from “that one screw” still lying on the workbench.

Simple and comfortable. Securing is not needed, but is possible.

Well-thought-out system

Against a wall too, a WALKO is so much more than just a workbench.

Clever saw work; a manual circular saw fits in between the uprights.

In narrow spaces

Working for example in a corridor or on a gallery. One metre is ample.

Ideal too in the workshop, small shed or garage.

Stored vertically the WALKO takes up less than 18 cm of space.

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