Saw spacers quickly

Cut a couple of pieces quickly to size? Put the folded-up frame on the ground and you can set to it.

For larger sheets, you open up the frame. Put it down or set it against a wall.

Risk-free sawing

Saw large sheet materials without problems too.

Even if you are sawing the sheet through diagonally, it just sits well, and can never break at the end of the cut.

The frame is properly rigid and so the sheet stays lying nice and flat.

Simple and well thought out

Don’t lift up heavy sheets, just lay them down.

No damage to your workpiece from “that one screw” still lying underneath.

Do you often work alone? This is the solution.

Completely supported

The entire frame features synthetic strips.

These "spacers" may be struck during the sawing; they give 29 mm space between the saw blade and the frame.

Replaceable spacers

Due for replacement after three years’ professional use on average.

Impact-resistant, unbreakable and non-splintering. Even with frost.

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